Wine Peaches With Ice Cream Recipe

A boozy summer dessert that highlights juicy peaches. Like adult cobblers, they are steeped in white wine, chilled, then topped with ice cream and crumbled cookies.   


– 2 ripe peache – 1 tablespoon granulated sugar – 1 cup sweet white wine like Moscato – 1 pint vanilla ice cream – 4 shortbread cookies crushed into crumb

Step 1

Take the skin off of the peaches. Peel the peaches and cut them into thin wedges.  


Step 2

Leave the meat closest to the pit behind because it can be bitter and you don't want that. Put peaches that have been cut up into a bowl.  

Step 3

Put sugar and wine on top of the peaches. Mix everything together, then put it in the fridge for at least an hour, or up to sixty minutes if the wine was already cold.  

Step 4

Divide peaches into 4 bowls or cups to serve. Put wine from the bowl in each glass. Place ice cream and cookie chunks on top. Serve now.  

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