The Undertaker Discusses Heat He Got For Inducting Muhammad Ali Into WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE legend The Undertaker recently opened up about facing backlash for inducting Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame.  

Despite being a fan of Ali, some criticized The Undertaker for his association with the controversial boxer due to Ali's refusal to be drafted into the Vietnam War.  

The Undertaker defended his decision, stating that Ali's impact transcended sports and deserved recognition.  

He emphasized Ali's influence on him personally, calling it an honor to induct him. 

The Undertaker's acknowledgment sheds light on the complexities of honoring historical figures in the context of modern sensibilities.  

Ultimately, his respect for Ali prevailed over any criticism he faced.

Despite the heat, Undertaker stood by his decision to honor Ali.  

The induction ceremony remains a point of contention among fans and critics alike. Undertaker's tribute to Ali continues to spark discussion in the wrestling world. 


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