Dave Meltzer Questions Accuracy Of Forbes Report On Wrestling Promotion Values

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has raised doubts about the accuracy of a recent Forbes report on wrestling promotion values.  

The report, which claimed to assess the financial worth of major wrestling companies, has faced scrutiny from Meltzer, known for his insights into the wrestling industry.  

Meltzer highlighted discrepancies in the methodology and data used by Forbes. 

He questioned the valuations provided for companies like WWE and AEW.  

This controversy has sparked debate among wrestling fans and industry insiders regarding the reliability of financial assessments in wrestling media. 

Meltzer's critique underscores the importance of thorough research and transparency in reporting on wrestling business matters.  

Forbes has yet to respond to Meltzer's criticisms.

Forbes has yet to respond to Meltzer's criticisms, leaving the debate ongoing. 


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