Easy Strawberry Eton Mess Recipe

The ideal dessert for the summer, ready in just ten minutes!  


– 400 g 14 oz strawberrie – 6 tablespoons powdered sugar or more to taste – 240 ml 1 cup whipping or heavy cream – 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste – 100 g 3.5 oz meringue

Step 1

Save five strawberries to look nice, and hull the rest. Cut the strawberries into small pieces and add 4 tablespoons of sugar. Use a fork to mix and mash the berries. Put away.


Step 2

Mix cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and vanilla paste in a big bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer. Set the mixer to medium speed and whisk until stiff peaks form.  

Step 3

At the same time, break up the meringues into little pieces. It's okay if some are bigger than others, even if they turn into meringue dust.  

Step 4

Put the cream in a big bowl and add two thirds of the strawberries. Add half of the crushed meringues slowly and stir.  

Step 5

Put some of the mixture into bowls or jars for serving. Add the strawberry mixture and meringues that were left over, and then top with more whipped cream mixture.  

Step 6

Lastly, add more meringue pieces and the strawberries you saved, either whole or thinly sliced. Serve right away.  

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