Bruschetta-Style Tomato Mozzarella Toast Recipe

Simple and fast meal made with the freshest ingredients of the summer!  


Per toast – 1 slice bread I use Japanese milk bread for its taste and fluffine – 1 clove garlic – 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil – 5 baby mozzarella ball – 5 cherry tomatoes chopped fresh basil – 1 pinch flaky sea salt or fine sea salt

Step 1

In a nonstick pan or in your toaster, toast the bread over high heat. You can also use your toaster.   


Step 2

You should move the bread to a dish once it has reached a golden color on both sides. Garlic should be applied to it. The next step is to apply olive oil on it.  

Step 3

Through the use of your fingers, break the mozzarella balls into smaller pieces and distribute them evenly across the toast.   

Step 4

Add some tomatoes on top. Incorporate a good amount of fleur de sel and some basil leaves into the mixture.  

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