10 Evidence - Based Health Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is delicious and has several scientifically proven health benefits. Here are ten. 

Traditionally, cardamom treats indigestion, gas, and bloating. Research suggests it may ease digestion and stomach ulcer symptoms.  

Digestive Health  

Cineole and limonene in cardamom reduce inflammation. These compounds may lessen arthritic pain and inflammation.  


Cardamom may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, research shows. These effects are attributable to its antioxidant and diuretic properties.  

Heart Health  

Antimicrobial terpinene and eucalyptol are in cardamom. This spice may reduce infection risk by fighting bacteria and fungus.  

Antibacterial Effect  

Traditional medicine treats oral health using cardamom. Antibacterial properties may prevent cavities, poor breath, and oral infections.  

Oral Health  

Initial research suggests cardamom may decrease blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing oxidative damage. Diabetes and at-risk people may benefit.  

Regulation of Blood Sugar  

The expectorant volatile oils of cardamom smell it. Ejecting mucus from the airways may reduce coughing and congestion.  

Respiratory Health  

Cardamom may regulate weight, but more research is needed. Dieters may benefit from increased metabolism and decreased appetite.  

Manage Weight  

Cardamom may protect the liver due to its antioxidants. Research suggests it may prevent oxidative stress and pollutant-induced liver damage.  

Liver Protection  

The aroma of cardamom can improve mood and reduce stress. Cardomom oil calms anxiety via aromatherapy.  

Improvement in mood 


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