Why Rob Van Dam Would Have Hated Logan Paul's Presence If He Was Still In WWE

If Rob Van Dam were in WWE, Logan Paul's presence would likely irk him.  

RVD values authenticity and respect for the business, which Logan Paul's antics often defy.  

As a seasoned wrestler, RVD appreciates dedication and hard work, qualities Logan Paul may lack in the wrestling world.  

RVD's passion for the craft contrasts sharply with Logan Paul's opportunistic approach.  

Logan Paul's controversial past and behavior could clash with RVD's values and the culture of WWE. 

RVD's connection with fans stems from his genuine persona, unlike Logan Paul's manufactured image.  

RVD's dedication to wrestling's traditions would likely clash with Logan Paul's disruptive presence in WWE.  

In RVD's eyes, Logan Paul's involvement might diminish the integrity of the sport he loves. 


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