Tony Khan Offers Update On Potential AEW Streaming Archive

In a recent update, AEW president Tony Khan has addressed the potential for an AEW streaming archive, exciting fans and industry insiders. 

Khan expressed enthusiasm about the idea of creating a comprehensive library for AEW content, including past events, matches, and exclusive footage. 

He emphasized the value of providing fans with easy access to AEW's rich history and diverse content. 

While details on the timeline and platform for the streaming archive are yet to be finalized,

Khan's statement has generated heightened anticipation among AEW's dedicated fan base. 

The prospect of an AEW streaming archive signifies the promotion's commitment to engaging with fans and preserving its legacy in the industry. 

As developments unfold, the AEW community eagerly awaits further announcements about this promising initiative.

Further announcements and developments regarding this exciting initiative are eagerly awaited by the AEW community.


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