The Secret to Living to 100: Skip the Gym! 

Research is revealing how genes affect longevity. Sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet can help you live longer and avoid disease, but genetics play a role after 90, say aging researchers.

Some individuals think, ‘If I do everything correctly, diet and exercise, I can live to be 150.’ Robert Young, who leads a team of researchers at the nonprofit Gerontology Research Group, disagrees. 

A Boston University medicine professor who runs the New England Centenarian Study, which has monitored centenarians and their families since 1995.

Knowing what makes certain people live long affects us all. Kirkland, president of the American Federation for Aging study.

Centenarians are becoming more common in the US. Due to decades of medical and public health breakthroughs, the Census Bureau estimates 109,000 centenarians in 2023, up from 65,000 10 years earlier. 

Despite a fall in life expectancy to 76.4 in 2021, Perls predicts that 20% of the population has the genetics to live to 100 if they make healthy choices. 

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