The Best Macaroni Salad with Prosciutto Recipe 

With crispy prosciutto, pickles, roasted red peppers, and olives, macaroni salad with prosciutto is delectable. Great for picnics and summer barbecues.  

– 12 ounce dry elbow macaroni – 1 cup mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon white vinegar – ¼ teaspoon salt – ¼ teaspoon pepper  – 1 tablespoon pickle juice – ¼ cup milk – 3 ounce prosciutto – ½ cup olive – 6 medium pickle – 2 roasted red peppers  – 4 green onion



Prepare the macaroni in accordance with the directions provided on the package.   


A small bowl should be used to combine the mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and pepper by whisking them together.   


Whisk in milk and a small amount (or as much as you like) of pickle juice. If necessary, add extra milk; the dressing should be pourable.  


In a skillet, cook the prosciutto until crispy; no oil should be added to the skillet.  


Cooked macaroni, crispy prosciutto, olives, pickles, roasted red peppers, green onions, and dressing should all be combined in a big bowl. Present chilled.  

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