Best Love Potion Cocktail Recipe

This sweet, tangy, and sparkling Love Potion Cocktail is wonderful for Valentine's Day, a quiet date night, or any time you want to add romance.  

– 3 ounces Chambord – 3 ounces cherry vodka – 2 ounces simple syrup – 1 ounce lime juice fresh squeezed – ice – club soda – fresh raspberries for garnish – maraschino cherries for garnish – Lime wheels for garnish



Thick Brush Stroke


First, put the Chambord, vodka, simple syrup, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Next, shake the mixture until it is thoroughly combined.  

Thick Brush Stroke


Two ounces of simple syrup, three ounces of Chambord, three ounces of cherry vodka, and one ounce of lime juice are the ingredients for this cocktail.  

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In order to combine, give it a vigorous shake. Prepare the serving glasses by filling them with ice. To ensure that the cocktail is distributed evenly across each glass, it should be poured over the ice.  

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on the ice A light swirl should be given once the club soda has been poured on top.  

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For the club soda A lime wheel, maraschino cherries, and fresh raspberries should be used as garnishes for the drink after it has been assembled.   

Thick Brush Stroke


In addition to lime wheels, fresh raspberries, maraschino cherries, and lime wheels were used as garnishes for this drink.  


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