Festive Cranberry Gin Cocktail recipes

Sage-infused Cranberry Gin Cocktails are ideal for the holidays. This Christmas drink is simple and festive with white cranberry juice, gin, muddled sage, and lime.  


– ¼ cup fresh cranberries divided – 2 fresh sage leave – 4 ounces gin – 8 ounces white cranberry juice – 1.5 ounces lime juice – 1 cup pure cane sugar divided – ¼ cup water – 8-10 fresh sage leave


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Put ice cubes in two rocks cocktail glasses and fill them up to the halfway point. Prepare fresh cranberries by dividing them and adding them to each glass.

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In a cocktail shaker or glass, insert two sage leaves. Muddle. Gin, white cranberry juice, and lime juice go into a shaker or cocktail glass half full with ice cubes.

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The mixture should be strained between two glasses. Prepare a garnish consisting of candied sage or a sprig of fresh sage.

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