Are Your Friends Fake? Here Are 10 Signs to Find Out 

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Fake friends will be there for them when they need them but not when you do. They might not show up when you need them or make excuses.


Your relationship may feel one-sided. Your conversations may focus on them, their life, and their opinions. Your situation may not interest them.


They may be unreliable and break their promises. You may have trouble trusting them. They may plan with you and stand you up. They may promise help but withdraw at the last minute, leaving you stranded.


They may not be loyal. They may reveal your secrets, criticise you, or spread rumours.


They might ignore you, put you down, make fun of you, or make you feel bad in front of other people.


They may hurt you but say they were helping. They may say, "You look bad in that outfit." I'm honest and trying to help.

Hurtful behavior 

Your achievements may intimidate them. Instead of celebrating your successes, they may downplay or compete.


Their friendship depends on what they can gain from you, such as social status, material possessions, money, or other benefits. After achieving their goal, they lose interest.

Conditional friendship 

They could use shame, manipulation, or emotional threats to get what they want from you.


They may consistently cross or ignore your limits, whether they are emotional, personal, or in terms of space. 

Ignored boundaries 

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