9 Fascinating Facts About December Babies

They live for a long, long time

A study in the Journal of Aging Research says that December-born people are more likely to live to be 105 years old or even longer. They have a lot of birthdays, even though some are late in the year.

They do better in school

Some people assume being one of the youngest in class is a disadvantage, but statistics show that younger pupils outperform older counterparts by graduation.

They are morning people

Research shows that December babies prefer early bedtime and mornings, possibly because it turns dark at 4 p.m. December-borns work while we drink coffee.

They are more likely to be left-handed

A University of Vienna study found that men born in November, December, and January are more left-handed.

Dentistry could be in their future

A UK study in the Journal of Family Health discovered a statistical link between birth month and specific professions. That study found December-borns were more likely to become dentists. Smile!

They have gold medal instinct

A research in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that winter-born people, especially December ones, are naturally athletic and have won several Olympic gold medals. 

GETTY IMAGES They are less irritable

December babies are more depressed and pessimistic, although they have fewer mood swings and tantrums.

They aren't as likely to contract major disease

Researchers discovered no big health risks for December babies in a study. They had no big health benefits, but we may focus on the good.

They share their birthday with a ton of holiday

Because December is the month of Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah, one-third of persons born in December feel their birthday is forgotten.

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