9 Essential Oils for Hair Growth & Health  

Essential oils can help hair grow and stay healthy. Nine essential oils are typically used for this.

With its soothing smell, lavender oil helps boost hair development by boosting scalp circulation and stimulating hair follicles.  

Lavender oil  

To promote hair growth and scalp circulation, rosemary oil is used. It aids dandruff and dry scalp.  

Rosemary Oil

Peppermint oil cools and increases scalp blood flow, which may encourage hair growth. Its antibacterial qualities benefit scalp health.  

Peppermint Oil  

Antifungal and antibacterial tea tree oil can maintain the scalp healthy and infection-free. Unclogging hair follicles may increase hair growth.  

Tea Tree Oil  

Cedarwood oil may stimulate hair follicles by improving scalp circulation. Dandruff and other scalp issues can be helped  

Cedarwood Oil  

Antimicrobial thyme oil can maintain the scalp healthy and infection-free. It may also promote hair growth.  

Thyme Oil  

Clary sage oil may help dry and greasy scalps by regulating oil production. Hormone balance may encourage hair growth.  

Clary Sage Oil

Hair growth and follicle strength are promoted by ylang ylang oil. The pleasant flowery aroma helps control scalp oil production.  

Ylang-Ylang Oil  

Jojoba oil, a carrier oil, is widely used as a basis for hair growth essential oil mixes. It moisturizes and strengthens hair like scalp oils.  

Jojoba Oil  


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