8 Fascinating Facts About January 2024 Babies

January babies have a fiery birthstone

Despite their birth month of snow and ice, January newborns' birthstone, garnet, is flaming red. This stone represents companionship and trust, which your baby should inherit. 

January babies have two flower

The carnation and snowdrop are January birth flowers. January suits the delicate, white snowdrop, one of the first spring buds to emerge. Carnations brighten a gloomy season.

January babies may be fame-bound

Does Hollywood want you? Could be! A small study found that more famous people were born in the sign of Aquarius than in any other sign. As proof, just look at...

January babies share a birth month with these celeb

Your little star will be well-matched. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Florence Pugh, Renee Elise Goldsberry,Washington are January babies! 

January babies may have a leg up on the sports field

Ready for pee-wee soccer? Australian researchers detected 33% more January infants than expected in the AFL.

January babies have leadership potential

Your baby can attain that corner office! January is one of the top five CEO-producing months, according to Economic Letters.

January babies could be on the path to their MD

Paging Dr. January! One British study found that general practitioners and debt collectors were the most popular jobs for January infants. 

January babies are pretty chill

Not only is their birth month's weather cool! A European study found that winter-born babies are calmer. (That bodes well for toddlerhood, no?)

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