7 Things You Need to Do Right Away When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce 

Take Time to Process Your Feeling

Even if you both desire to reduce conflict, learning your partner wants a divorce can hurt. If your spouse's divorce request shocks you, take care of yourself immediately.

Understand Your Spouse’s Reasons for Asking for a Divorce

Listen to your spouse and understand why they want a divorce. You can address reconciliation and their interest in non-adversarial divorce choices like mediation or collaboration during this chat. 

Talk to a Maryland Divorce Attorney

Consult a Maryland divorce attorney before your spouse files divorce papers. Early consultation with a divorce litigation and collaborative law practitioner will help you determine the optimal divorce approach for your family.

Talk with Your Children

After your spouse files for divorce, telling your kids is tricky. Depending on their ages and connections with both parents, they may be puzzled, terrified, angry, or even blame you for the divorce. 

Step Back from Social Media

After your spouse files for divorce, it's tempting to vent on social media. Remember that the internet is permanent, so gather support from family and friends offline.

Get Your Financial Matters in Order

Except in cases with prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, divorce usually involves financial separation. 

Educate Yourself About the Maryland Divorce Proce

You should know how the Maryland divorce procedure works and how long it takes to prepare, file, and finish. The procedural timeline depends on the conflict and circumstances of your case. 

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