10 Hardest Things About Being Single According to Men, Do You Agree? 

The Worry of Never Finding Love

After being single for so long, you worry you will never find “The One.” People say you must be okay with yourself and not yearning for a relationship, which is tough.


Fun fact: couples can feel lonely too. Some experience loneliness intermittently. For others, it stays. Understandable, though. Singles lack intimacy. 

No One To Love

A healthy relationship provides a partner, best friend, motivator, confidant, and playmate. All this and more in one guy. The opposite is true for singles. 

Pressure From People

I thought only women faced family and social pressure. Men do, so that's bogus news. Someone laments: “It's just the pressure from my parents and family members on when I'll get married or find a significant other.

No One To Cook For

Different people may experience this. Some people like making something pleasant for their partner and seeing them eat and enjoy it. Singles have no one to cook for.

Lack of Cuddle

Speaks for itself. A life without cuddles? Some of our longest nights are when we wake up at ungodly hours and desire someone's warmth but can't receive it. 

Feeling Worthle

Not valuing others is easier said than done, but most people say so. As social animals, we seek company. Some men find it hardest to feel useless and empty without a spouse.

Single, Not Sick

A contributor says, “One of the hardest things is either people thinking something is wrong with you or thinking that people think that.” Why do people think singles are bad?

Being Single Equals Having Free Time

No idea where the assumption came from. Another writer comments that most people think he has unlimited free time because he is single.

No One To Eat With

Most people dislike eating and sleeping alone almost as much. Some men can't get used to the other end of the dinner table being vacant, but singles do. 

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